Other Stories from the Archive

009As of December 2019, funding for the Past on Glass/Ordinary Lives has officially ended and the ongoing work of the project – research, preservation, photography of envelopes – is absorbed into the day to day work of the archives.  This blog has been a hugely successful way of updating our supporters with all our successes, challenges and progress, and we hope to continue to publish new research and news as it happens.

But the stories of the sitters in our glass plates are just the tip of the iceberg.  Did you know that here at Sutton we have tens of thousands of photographic images of the Borough? We are a local authority archive, a Diocesan record office, a place of deposit for public records, we hold Manorial records dating back to the C14th and we have numerous collections of material relating to local estates, property, businesses and institutions as well as the personal effects, papers and correspondence of hundreds of local residents.

We are also a collecting archive, with a remit to collect original material of cultural and historic interest to the Borough.  Currently, we are actively looking for material that reflects the diversity of our Borough, as well as for current photographic records of Sutton that will go on to form the historic record in years to come.

If you have documents or images that you would like to archive with us – or are a keen photographer of life and change in the Borough and are prepared to donate copies of your images of Sutton, both past and present, then please get in touch with the Archive Manager Abby Matthews at abby.matthews@sutton.gov.uk

And please, continue to follow us here on the blog as we expand to bring you news of our work, our research, our events and our collections. We value your support …