A very merry Christmas to all…



4 days to go and Christmas has suddenly reached us, so today we’re finishing for the holidays and would like to wish all our followers and supporters a wonderful break too. Whether you have shared a post, attended a talk or simply been inspired, we are always so appreciative of any contributions, and as the project closes we are able to look back in fondness at everything that has been achieved over this year and the last 4.

This certainly wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated help of each and every one of our volunteers. Our volunteers have scanned and catalogued over 2400 glass plates and 1500 printed materials this year alone, as well as countless hours spent researching individuals and bringing their stories back to life and for this we give them the biggest thanks and wish them a wonderful and very well deserved break!

To end the last post of the year I have hunted down Knights-Whittome’s most festive photographs which definitely have to be Marcia Hanbury, Miss Pearman and the Willmore Children, who would all fit very well together in a Nativity.

Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year, from Abby, Kezi and all at Sutton Archive.








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