Work Experience: The Past on Glass on Film

Here at the Past on Glass we rely on volunteer help, and have a dedicated team of regular volunteers that come in week on week to get the plates cleaned, rehoused, digitised and researched. We are lucky that we also have the capacity to offer placements to local students on work experience. This not only benefits the students, who get a flavour of the variety of work available to them in the real world – no-one ever told me that I could do this kind of work for a living when I was 15! – but it offers some real opportunities and benefits to us as a project too.

TomThe council recently hosted a student called Thomas from Cheam High. Thomas was placed within the web team, and while he was here did some work to promote our project.  The result is a fabulous series of short films about the plates and the work we are doing. You can see the first of these films, a project overview, here today, and we will publish links to the others as they appear on Sutton Council’s YouTube page.

Hi there, I’m Thomas Shrimpton and come from Cheam High School, I came to LBS to get some work experience on film making. While I was here I found out about the Past on Glass project and was told that I would be helping to make a film about the project. Not only have I enjoyed making the film, but have also learnt loads of history about Sutton and Epsom. To also actually see some of the glass plates, and to see them cleaned and scanned was a real experience. The past on glass is a great project, and if I didn’t have to go back to school, I would carry on making films for the project every day! I came to LBS expecting to experience film editing, and left, knowing about a whole new project and the history of Cheam and Epsom.”


A poster that Thomas designed as part of his placement in the LBS web team.


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