Edwardian baby portraits fit for a Princess

DKW_23718A_Dunn_LAs we await the first official royal baby photographs we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the recently scanned ‘official’ baby portraits from the Past on Glass project.  In his role as ‘Photographer to the King’ David Knights-Whittome was never called upon to take an official Royal baby photograph but looking at a selection of his less illustrious young clients – the Edwardian and pre-war babies of Sutton and Epsom – we can imagine the approach he may have taken towards a young Prince or Princess.

These images date from around 1906 through to 1915 and so it is highly unlikely that any of these individuals would still be alive today, but more poignant is the realisation that more than one of these babies may have lost their parents or indeed their own lives in one of the World Wars which soon followed.  None of these individuals have yet been researched but we hope in time to uncover a little of each of their stories.

Images of children are popular in photographic collections of this sort, and indeed, these images often raise a smile from our volunteers as they clean and rehouse the plates.  It is easy to see why.  Looking beyond the elaborate costume of some of these children the expressions of joy, surprise or downright confusion are as timeless as if they had been taken yesterday. We look forward to seeing how the official images of the new Princess compare once they are released.



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